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Guelph Curling Club


Open Teams are made up of any combination of male and female players.
Team Teams are entered into divisions or “flights”. During the season, teams move up or down the divisions based upon their performance. You typically stay with the same team for the curling season. If you are interested in playing in these leagues but do not have a team, contact the club as it may be possible to find you a team that is seeking a new player. Individuals, partial or full team entries are accepted.
Social Teams are made up by the committees and they stay the same for approximately 5 weeks. At the end of the schedule, new teams are made up. These leagues are available to all levels of curlers. A curler new to the game can easily integrate into any of these leagues. This is a good starting spot as the leagues are very social and the player gets to curl with many people over the course of the season.
Jitney or Jam Jitney leagues are organized where teams are made up each day of the event. A good opportunity to curl and socialize with different people. The Jam league runs like a ‘jitney’. For the Jam league there is a minimum charge per person for each game above the membership and after each game the winning team receives a bottle of jam or pickles etc. These are very active and fun leagues.
Youth Program & High School Youth league is made up of Little Rocks (6-9 yrs), Bantam (10-16 yrs) and Junior (16-18yrs). They are open to all youth regardless of skill level. The leagues incorporate a teaching element as well as game experience with volunteer coaches. These are very good starter leagues and allow youth to learn at their own pace. High School curling is organized by the participating schools.
Adult Learn to Curl This program is for the beginner to novice curler to participate in. There is a 10 wk. session starting in Sept. and starting again in Jan. This instructional league is based on the model created by Curling Canada. The program includes on-ice training and skill development and also covers some basic strategy and etiquette. Included in the signup is basic equipment (slider and gripper). This program is NEW to our club.
Doubles This league is a social and teams are made of 2 players. This league caters to accommodate those who sign up. Depending on preference, there may be a 4 or 5 week league with 2 games/night or an 8 week league with 1 game/night. Those who sign up by August 19 will be contacted for their preference. This league is NEW.
2016-17 League Schedule

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