Learn To Curl

Even if you’ve never curled before, by the end of one of our ‘Learn to Curl’ sessions you’ll be delivering curling stones down our championship ice surface and learning lots about this fantastic sport! Or if you prefer to just jump right in try our Sunday Morning Pickup.

Learn to Curl Sessions

Tuesday, Sep. 26 (adults 7-9pm, youth 6:30-8pm) FREE SESSION!
Sunday, Oct. 15 (10am – noon)
Sunday, Nov. 5 (10am – noon)
Sunday, Dec. 10 (10am – noon)
Sunday, Jan. 7 (10am – noon)
Sunday, Feb. 4 (10am – noon)
Sunday, Mar. 11 (10am – noon)

Cost is $20.  Please register (5 days in advance) by calling 519-822-6171 or by email curling@guelphcurlingclub.com. We’ll reserve a space for you! Don’t forget to arrive at least 15 minutes if you haven’t registered!

What to Wear

Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy your time on the ice.

  • Layer up. During the lessons you may be standing around for a few minutes watching the instructors and feel cool. When you start to curl, you’ll warm up again. Wear a light jacket or fleece that you can take on and off as you need to.
  • Wear loose pants. You need to be able to stretch easily. Jeans are too restrictive.
  • Bring gloves. If you’re worried your hands may get cold, bring a pair of gloves or mittens just in case.

What to Bring

Make sure you bring some clean running shoes with you.

  • Clean shoes! Our ice technicians spend many hours making perfectly flat, perfectly clean ice. You will need to bring some clean shoes (running shoes or tennis shoes are ideal). You won’t be able to go on the ice in the same shoes you arrived in.
  • That’s it!

The great thing about curling is that you don’t need any special equipment to get started. We’ll lend you one of our club brooms and make sure you’re looked after during your learn to curl session.