Sunday Youth Program

Guelph Youth Program 2017/18

Our Youth Program for 2017/18 offers curling for youth aged 7-18. Athletes are separated into two groups: Little Rocks (Ages 7-12) and Bantam/Junior (Ages 13-18). All youth players are welcome regardless of skill level. New curlers are always welcome as well.

The program will provide learning and development opportunities for athletes to play this great sport in a FUN, safe and positive environment. The program will offer instruction, skills development and game experience.

Learn, Develop, Enjoy.

Certified Instructors will provide a structure focused on Learning and Athlete Development. From basic rules of the game, delivery and balance, weight and line, sweeping, to building teamwork and applying strategy. Athletes will be oriented through a phased learning approach exposing them to the full game on and off the ice.

The program will also focus on developing athletes through several skill testing sessions. After several weeks of learning sessions and fun game play, athletes will be tested on their knowledge, understanding and execution of the basic movements of the game in a FUN and rewarding manner.

Come join the FUN

Curling offers athletes a FUN and Social atmosphere for athletes, which often includes building lasting friendships. It is also a sport that athletes can enjoy and participate in throughout their lives. 

Come out and give us a try… Bring a friend and make the experience that much better.

When does the Program take place?

The program runs on Sundays between 1 and 3 PM for 20 weeks from October to March. The Little Rock age group will run for 1h 30 min and the Bantam/Junior age group will run for 2h. Instruction and game times may fluctuate should the need arise due to the need to expand the program based on number of athletes enrolled.

– Nathan Scott, Curling Coordinator


Start Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017

No Curling Dates:

  • Sunday, December 17, 2017 – Competition Event
  • Sunday, December 24, 2017 – Christmas Break
  • Sunday, December 31, 2017 – Christmas Break
  • Sunday, March 4, 2018 – EarthSACC Bonspiel

For any further information please contact the club by email: or by phone at: 519-822-6171