Tuesday Men’s Team Play

2017/18 Season:

Tuesday Men’s Team Play commences on October 3, 2017.

No Curling Dates:

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 – Christmas Break

Hope everyone had a great summer and everyone is ready for another great curling season at the Guelph Curling Club. 2016-2017.

For the upcoming year at the Guelph Curling Club I’m please to announce that we have 37 teams total. We have divided the teams into 5 divisions with 4 divisions having 7 teams and the mid “Central Division” having 9 teams. We will play 3 rounds of 6 games and after each round the top 2 teams in each division move up and the bottom 2 teams move down.

Following the regular season play we will split the league in half with the top 18 teams playing participating in the “American League Playoffs” and the bottom 19 teams playing for the “National League” championship. Team and individual trophies will be presented to the winners. The split will be determined by the standing on the “Master Standings” page of our league website.

Points per win are influenced by which division your team is playing in.

  •      American League East  4 pts.
  •      American League West  3 pts.
  •      Central  2.5 pts.
  •      National League East  2 pts.
  •      National League West  1 pts.

Bye’s get ½ the value of a win.

With 37 teams we only need ice on Tuesdays so that will result in 5 teams having a bye each week.

The following are listed spares, please reach out if you need a player. Other options will be contacting a team with a bye which can be determined on the websites.

(1) Thomas Beale      bealet@rogers.com
(2) Randy Grigsby     ranbam57@yahoo.ca
(3) Alan McPhedran alanmcphedran@gmail.com
(4) Bob Reinholt        reinholt@rogers.com
(5) Dave Watson       davewats47@gmail.com
(6) Rod Stork             rod.stork@rogers.com
(7) Terry Reid            bjtreid@hotmail.ca
(8) Daryl Westman   darylwestman@gmail.com

Best Regards
Koko Gillis
Cell: 647-962-0935